Chief: Gary Swymeler
Assistant Chief: Jimmy Mull
Officer: Chris Fike

Court Clerk/Dispatcher: 
Amy Gibson 
Dispatcher: Maria Perez
Dispatcher: Amanda Day
Dispatcher: Stephanie Jones
Dispatcher: Kristal Randall
Dispatcher: Alice Cantellay

Fairview Police Department
203 E. Central
P.O. Box 386
Fairview, OK 73737

Emergency: 911 or 580-227-4444
Non-Emergency: 580-227-4444


Fairview Fire Department
203 E. Central
P.O. Box 386
Fairview, OK 73737

Emergency: 911 or 580-227-3111
Non-Emergency: 580-227-4444

Travis Fortune, Chief
Business Phone: 580-227-4444
Cell: 580-227-6073

Jon Haight, Assistant Chief
Business Phone: 580-227-4444
Cell: 580-227-7304

The Fairview Fire Department (FFD) is a volunteer organization operating from (1) station with (22) volunteers and (1) paid career firefighter. FFD is (1) of (8) fire departments located in Major County and the Fairview fire district covers approximately 202 square miles. FFD also provides mutual aid with all other major county departments and neighboring counties. The Fairview Fire Department was recently graded and improved to a class 4 I.S.O. rating.

The Fairview Fire Department is responsible for providing rapid delivery of fire suppression, emergency medical response, rescue operations, hazmat operations, and life safety emergency services within the city of Fairview and surrounding areas.

The Primary Goals of the Fairview Fire Department are to:
  • Life Safety by reducing casualties, improving patient outcomes, and preventing the loss of life.
  • Incident Stabilization
  • Reduce and Prevent Property Loss and Damage
  • Protect the Environment from the effects of a hazardous material release
  • Have a successful public education fire prevention program

          Plan Ahead:
          • Make and practice an escape plan with your family.
          • Everyone should know two ways out of every room.
          • If your home has two stories, find a safe way to climb out the window (preferably a safety ladder) and get to the ground.
          Know What To Do In Case Of A Fire:
          • If in a house fire, crawl or stay low as you find a safe way out. The air closest to the floor will be less filled with smoke and fumes. This makes breathing and seeing easier.
          • Use the back of your hand to test if a closed door is hot. If it is hot, do not open it. Use another way out.
          • Get out and stay out of the home.
          • If your clothes catch on fire, stop where you are. Don't run. Quickly drop to the ground. Roll over and over. This will put out the flames.
          • Call 911 or the local fire department from a neighbor's house.
          • Decide on a meeting place outside your home where everyone can gather.
          Free Smoke Alarms:
          The fire department offers a free smoke detector program for residential homeowners. Residents can come pick up the detectors or contact the fire department to install them.

          Where to put your smoke alarm:
          • Place the alarm just outside the sleeping areas, such as the hallway outside the bedrooms.
          • The best place is on the ceiling, at least 6 inches from the wall and at least 2 feet from any corner.
          • Your alarm can also be placed on the wall about 6 inches from the ceiling and at least 2 feet away from any corner.
          • If you live in a mobile home, place the alarm on an inside wall about 6 inches from the ceiling and at least 2 feet away from any corner.
          • Avoid placing your alarm near air vents, doorways, bathrooms, and windows, cooking stoves, garages or any other drafty or moist place.
          Fire Prevention Week:
          The 2nd week in October is Fire prevention week for the fire department. The firefighters give special classes and programs for the school students and teach the children about fire prevention and how to perform a fire hazard inspection in their home with their family. We also welcome everyone to come and tour the station and equipment during this week.


          The City of Fairview operates a Municipal Court system for those people who have received a ticket from a City Police Officer, Animal Control Officer or for a violation of city ordinances. The Municipal Judge is an attorney, licensed to practice in the State of Oklahoma, and is appointed by the City Council.

          Municipal Court is held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Court sessions are held in the City Council Chambers of the City Hall. When a summons (ticket) is issued, the date and time of the Court session will be written on the summons. Rulings of the Municipal Judge may be appealed to District Court. If a defendant does not appear on the Court date indicated, the Municipal Judge is empowered to issue a Bench Warrant for the arrest of that person.

          Questions pertaining to the rules and procedures of Municipal Court may be directed to Police Chief Devin Farrow or Municipal Court Clerk Amy Gibson at the Fairview Police Department: 580-227-4444.
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