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Our mission is “to provide electric service to our customers at the lowest

possible cost with the highest possible degree of reliability in a manner that reflects

our respect for and stewardship of the environment.”


We purchase electricity from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) and distribute it to businesses and residences. You may visit the OMPA web site at www.ompa.com.


Annual Inspection Frees Yard From Outdoor Electrical Hazards

 Spring-cleaning does not stop when the house sparkles; the yard needs a once-over once a year, too. Fairview Utilities Authority, your community-owned electric utility, urges you to make the warm-weather ritual safe for everyone by following a few safety guidelines:
Inspect power tools and electric lawn mowers for frayed cords and broken plugs and housings. Do not use them if you find even the slightest crack; get them repaired.
Never use indoor tools outdoors. Electric equipment is marked for indoor or outdoor use. Pay attention to warning labels.
Unplug your tools when you are not using them. Even when they are turned off, some power tools have internal parts that remain electrically alive.
Store your electric tools in a dry place, and when you are using them, do not let them get wet. Do not use them in the rain.
Outdoor outlets need ground fault circuit interrupters. GFCIs interrupt the flow of power if they sense there is a problem, and can save you from shock or electrocution.
Carry your tools by the base, not the cord. And when you unplug them, yank on the plug, not the cord.
Look up and live. Metal ladders conduct electricity. Be careful not to touch overhead electric lines with boat masts, farm equipment or antennas.
If you need an extension cord, use one that is rated for outdoor use.
To avoid cutting the cord of your electric mower or hedge trimmer, start in the area nearest to the electrical outlet and work away from it. That way, the cord will always be behind you.
 The employees of Fairview Utilities Authority are a part of the community and we care about the safety and well being of our neighbors.



Some folks may still have a partially unpaid balance on their city utility bill. The City will work with all customers to arrange a mutually agreeable re-payment agreement so that all of the delinquency does not have to be paid at one time. We all understand that some of the recent past bills were very high due to the use of air conditioning, fans and other electrical appliances and the large quantities of water used during the extremely hot and dry months. We do not want to see anyone's utilities disconnected, so anyone who has not made a payment plan with the City is encouraged to come in the City Clerk's Office and make arragements for payments.